What to expect on the day of your appointment:

To help us assess your condition and plan the best treatment regimen, we ask that you bring your referral letter, list of current medications, your current glasses or contact lens script, any previously preformed diagnostic testing, photographs, x-ray, CT scans and pathology results pertaining to your medical condition.


As a new patient expect to spend around 2-3hours at our clinic. It is usual for all new patients to have their pupils dilated. This will make your vision blurred for approx 2 hours and we recommend that you do not drive during this time. These drops also make you more light sensitive for about 4 to 5 hours so sunglasses should be brought with you to wear home.

After checking in at reception, an Orthoptist will take a detailed medical history, check your vision, take your intraocular pressures, and dilate your pupils. At this time a thorough examination and ancillary diagnostic testing is done to determine the diagnosis and appropriate treatment for the ocular condition.


After reviewing your examination and diagnostic testing, the treating Ophthalmologist will talk you through the diagnosis and work with you to develop a treatment plan. If required and depending on the urgency of the ocular finding, the treatment can be done in the clinic on the same day.


We are located on the 1st Floor of the Norwest  Medical Centre which in attached to the Norwest Private Hospital.

Entry to the centre is via the glass doors on the right hand side of the main hospital entrance.

There is ample parking at a cost of $2 per hour in the underground or ground level car parks off Norbrik Drive before reaching the roundabout and the front of the main hospital.

“Norwest Eye Clinic has been established to deliver the highest quality eye care leading to the best visual outcomes for each and every patient.”